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Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

BY JOINING THE AFFILIATE PROGRAM YOU ARE AGREEING THAT YOU HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT AND THAT YOU AGREE TO BE LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR EACH AND EVERY TERM AND CONDITION. This Affiliate Agreement contains the complete terms and conditions that apply to you becoming an affiliate with MAILBIZ.CO’s Affiliate Program. Please note that throughout this Agreement, “we,” “us,” and “our” refer to MAILBIZ.CO, and “you,” “your,” and “yours” refer to the affiliate.

We are happy that you want to promote our products to other people !

Becoming an Affiliate with MAILBIZ.CO

1. Refer new customers to MAILBIZ.CO, using your personal affiliate link and you’ll receive a percentage of purchase of a product, sold on the current website !

2. Affiliate Link: All affiliates get a referral link. You can use the default affiliate link or You can customize your affiliate link inside your dashboard. You must use this link when sending customers to our website – this is mandatory or we can not track your commissions.

3. If a new customer clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you will receive a percentage of that person’s purchase.
The Details :
Refer 1=>20 paid clients ($57+) : 35%/client
Refer 21=>60 paid clients ($57+) : 40%/client (from client 21st)
Refer 61=>100 paid clients ($57+) : 45%/client (from client 61st)
Refer 100+ paid clients ($57+) : 50% (from client 101st)

4. Affiliate program percentages: Our base commission is 35% - 50% calculated to the Total Cart Value of the Customer, after purchase.

5. Details about the Affiliate Program :

Our website uses cookies to track people who click on your affiliate link, therefore, they need to be using cookies for us to track them.

The cookie lifetime is 30 days . After 30 days, no Affiliate earnings will apply.

If you refer user that is already our customer the commission WILL apply.

Above all, use of the Affiliate Program is subject to a fair use policy which gives MAILBIZ.CO the right to review each and every referral and also change the current document without any other terms.

Payment of earnings/commissions

6. How payment to Affiliates is done :

Your earnings are paid via a Paypal email that you provide . NOTE : if you give us the wrong Paypal address and the transfer gets lost, that is totally your fault .

All the money receiving from a client in your commissions will be in PENDING status in 14 days counting from the day that client pay the money. After this PENDING period, your commission will be APPROVED and available for withdrawing to your Paypal account.

You cant withdraw your commission while it’s still in your PENDING Profit.

You can withdraw any amount of money showing in APPROVED PROFIT from your MAILBIZ.CO Dashboard. Anytime you request to payout, pls allow us up to 72 hours to process the payment and handle all the information about your earnings.

If you wish something shorter, Kindly let our supporters know immediately after requesting a payout.

7. Taxes/Fee.
You are responsible for paying all your taxes based on the income you generate for yourself .
We will send the money via Paypal – Pay for goods or services

8. Refunds: If a made purchase is subject to a refund, we will withhold that portion of your earnings.

Actions you should NOT do (avoid getting banned)

9. You may not use the following tactics to promote our products :
Confusing potential customers with fake information;
Any illegal activity Engaging in anything that might be considered ‘fair play’, including things like fraud, confusing the new user, or providing a link designed to mislead the future customer.
10. We will make the final decision about whether or not your use of the Affiliate Program is in breach of any of these Affiliate Program Terms.

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Effective date: March 10, 2018.